Ananas Cosomus

Only fruit once, then mother plant dies back and ratoons (slips and suckers) are the next generation. Ratoons need to be thinned or competition results in smaller fruit. Slips and suckers appear when flowering and fruiting. Planted tops will flower in 24 months with 6 months for fruit to ripen. Harvest when 2-3 rows of eyes turn form green to brown. Suckers (pups) are plants that grow between the leaves of the mother plant. Removing them causes mother plant to make more. Remove when 6-8 inches long. Slips are the small plants that grow at the base of the fruit. Slips develop at the expense of the fruit so should be removed as soon as possible. The mother plant does not make more slips when they are removed.

Paun Giant

Sawit – Spined leaves

Florida Special – Spineless leaves


White Jade – Spineless leaves, edible core.

Red Spanish

Hawaii Gold – Also known as Golden and MD2





Natal Queen